Att dela ett samhälle (2007-2010)

Title: Att dela ett samhälle
Artist: Anna Högberg, Janna Holmstedt, Johan Tiren, Johan Waerndt
Project duration: 2007-2010
Client: Stockholms Läns Landsting and Tillväxt- och regionplaneförvaltningen, in cooperation with Konstfrämjandet
Idea: Growth and Regional Planning management created a new regional development plan for 2010. Two subprojects were carried out:

A radical change of scenery
Parts of the Growth and Regional Planning Administration’s activities were placed in an apartment in Huddinge Municipality. There were organized workshops with themes such as innovation, integration and sustainable development. The goal was to inspire during the consultation process.

To divide a society
The project consists of three works: 1. epilogues (Johan Tiren) – a series of posters where the focus is the individual in relation to the overall structures. 2. Like mushrooms (Holmstedt & Högberg) – posters where different communities and social systems in the region are identified and visualized. 3. Planners and players (Waerndt & Marklinger) – Region Planning from a historical perspective.