Eva Bonniers donationsnämnd, Stockholm

Assignment: AM Public currently holds two seats on the executive of Eva Bonniers donationsnämnd: Ann Magnusson as the chair and Madeleine Gunnarsson as secretary. The assignment includes leading and operating the work of the Committee in close cooperation with other members of the committee. The artist Eva Bonnier donated large sums to a fund for artistic expression in the early 1900s. Today Eva Bonniers donationsnämnd continues to initiate and maintain conversations about art and architecture’s role in the public sphere, and to implement concrete art projects. In 2014 they conducted a contest (EVA) with a focus on new ideas and visions for art and architecture in an urban environment. The winning proposals were appointed in collaboration with an international jury. In 2015 the winning designs were presented in an exhibition at the Art Academy in Stockholm.

Project duration: 2011-ongoing

Client: Stadsledningskontoret, Stockholm