Konstens andra (2014)

Title: Konstens andra (The seconds of art)
Year: 2014
Organizer: Eva Bonniers Donationsnämnd
Activity: In connection to the contest EVA Eva Bonnier’s Donation Board in cooperation with the Academy of Art initiated a number of conversations about art, architecture and urban planning.

In an increasingly rationalized and xenophobic society social exchange is reduced. How do we relate to the incomprehensible, to differences and the recognizable that we are familiar with. How is the role of the artist affected by the attitude changes we see today. Art can create rooms where a variety of people meet or does the art contribute to increased segregation.

Participants: Staffan Löfving, researcher in Social Anthropology, University of Stockholm, Carin Franzén, Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Linköping, Irina Sandomirskaja, Professor of Cultural Studies, Södertörn University, Moderator Eva Bonnier’s Donation board, Eva Arnqvist, artist.