Konstens objekt (2014)

Title: Konstens objekt (The objects of art)
Year: 2014
Organizer: Eva Bonniers Donationsnämnd
Activity: In connection to the contest EVA Eva Bonnier’s Donation Board in cooperation with the Academy of Art initiated a number of conversations about art, architecture and urban planning.

The view of the object is changed in our time of capitalism and man’s role as a consumer of goods, time and space is getting stronger. The desire and the status of objects has increased, as has the value of casual experiences and relationships. The object is real and something to cling to in an uncertain world but at the same time interchangeable and moveable. What impact does the objects have on art?

Participants: Christina Zetterlund, professor of craft history and theory, College of Arts, Shahram Khosravi, Senior Lecturer and Lecturer in Social Anthropology, Stockholm University, Ann-Sofi Noring, deputy director of the museum, Moderna Museet, Moderator Marie Kraft, architect and researcher, Swedish Institute of Paris