Konstens ekonomi (2014)

Title: Konstens ekonomi (The economy of art)
Year: 2014
Organizer: Eva Bonniers Donationsnämnd
Activity: In connection with to contest EVA  Eva Bonnier’s Donation Board in cooperation with the Academy of Art initiated a number of conversations about art, architecture and urban planning.

Prevailing economic systems all that often seem to displace and undervalue disturbing elements, alternative cultural expressions and civilian functions. Does art have a fundamental importance in building a society or has it been placed outside the market economy. How can artistic qualities become visible and valued at a time when it is exposed to raw speculative interests and requirements of status.

Participants: Mats Rosengren, Professor of Rhetoric Södertörn University, Paulina de los Reyes, Professor of Economic History, Stockholm University, Martin Gustavsson, Associate Professor of Economic History, Stockholm University. Moderator Tor Lindstrand, architect and lecturer at the KTH School of Architecture, Stockholm and member of the Eva Bonnier’s Donation Board.